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October 1, 2023 Annual Health and Safety Meeting

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(FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) Mr. Kelly Dewar, Owner; Jeff Esch, Operations Manager; Rebecca Tanner, Area Supervisor; Renee Jaremek, Supervisor

Kelly Dewar



Kelly is homegrown right here in Sarnia in a family business called Dewar Janitorial, which was established in 1975. Most notable contracts included cleaning Lambton Mall and Shell Refinery for many years. When he was 17 years old, he started his first cleaning contract at Casey's Restaurant. We are not a fly by night janitorial company. Our goal is for you to come to work and not have to think about the cleaning. We are proactive not reactive. We do not base the success of our company on if we get complaints or not. Business ethics and pride in what we do is #1!


HEALTH AND SAFETY is my #1 top priority as an Owner! It begins with me setting the tone and expectations for my company. Therefore, each jobsite has its own safety binder which includes Health and Safety policies against workplace violence and harassment, WHMIS, WSIB, OHSA, SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for all cleaning products used on location. In addition, Kelly has a workplace program for all managers and supervisors to abide by on how to prevent and take proper measures against any form of workplace violence and harassment. Peerless Janitorial has its own Health and Safety Representative for all employees. Workers are WHMIS certified. Annually, Peerless Janitorial has a Health and Safety Meeting with all staff members to review Health and Safety policies and procedures. It is with these measures in place and many more that Peerless Janitorial has had no lost time injuries since 2014.

Jeff Esch

Operations Manager


With over thirty years of experience, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to Peerless Janitorial. Jeff started as a part-time cleaner in high school. Then he has worked in the industry fulltime, for ten years, as a floor care specialist, a certified carpet and upholstery technician. In his late 20s, Jeff became an Area Supervisor in Toronto for one of the largest facility maintenance companies in the world. In this position, Jeff was able to strengthen his abilities through several professional courses offered by the company such as WSIB - train the trainer, effective communication, situational leadership, district manager development, just to name a few. Jeff then advanced his position to Operations Manager for Southwestern Ontario. In this role, Jeff managed the cleaning services for several large facilities across Ontario, with over 200 employees.


Now Jeff has brought his experience and knowledge to Peerless Janitorial. Since his arrival, Jeff has helped to rapidly expand the business in the Sarnia area, improve our professional image, and strengthen our employees’ ability to serve our clients.

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